Log periodic antenna

Anteral Log Periodic Antenna

Logp antennas

  • Broadband bandwidth from 500 MHz up to 18GHz.
  • 7 dB typical average gain.
  • Lightweight.
  • Optimized high performance design according costumer specifications.


Anteral’s Log-periodic Antenna is a dipole array antenna which exhibits extremely broadband bandwidth with frequency independent properties in its design band. Dipoles are printed on a RF dielectric substrate making this antenna of light weight but robust design.


The Log-periodic Antenna is useful for any application where linearly polarized radiation, moderate gain and stable impedance and radiation pattern performance over a wide bandwidth is required. Popular applications include terrestrial television, EMC measurement, wireless communications and electronic warfare.

Model Features
LOGP-SMA-0518 Log Periodic antenna, BW=0.5-18 GHz with radome
LOGP-SMA-0518 Log Periodic antenna, BW=0.5-18 GHz
LOGP-SMA-218-R Log Periodic antenna, BW=2-18 GHz with radome
LOGP-SMA-218 Log Periodic antenna, BW=2-18 GHz

Mechanical and Electrical Specifications LOGP-SMA-0518-R LOGP-SMA-218-R
Frequency Range 500 MHz - 18 GHz 2 GHz - 18 GHz
Average Gain 7 dB 7 dB
VSWR <1.92 < 1.43
Feed SMA female connector SMA female connector
Materials I-Tera RF substrate I-Tera RF substrate
Dimensions 492 mm × 325 mm × 23 mm 142 mm × 91 mm × 23 mm

Further information available in the datasheets.

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