Band-Pass FSS

Anteral Band-Pass FSS

Frequency Selective Surface (FSS)

  • High transmittance(> 85%) in pass bands
  • Low transmittance (< 5%) in stop bands
  • Custom band stop in the frequency range from 75 GHz to 500 GHz
  • Narrow and wide fractional bandwith up to 15 % and 120 % respectively
  • Ultra-low loss flexible and low dielectric constant substrate material


Anteral’s Band-PassTHz Field Filters consists in a Cr-Cu-Au frequency selective surface that allows THz radiation in a determined frequency band. The micro grid array is patterned via photolithography process on a very thin (100 µm) and ultra-low loss substrate for THz frequencies with low dielectric constant. The filters are polarization independent and are fabricated in single or double layer according to the desired performance. Anteral offers custom designs in the frequency range between 75 GHz and 500 GHz.




The Field Filters can be used in MmW and THz systems for filtering signal in transmission or reception. In a transmitter, the filter limits the bandwidth of the output signal preventing, for instance, interference with other transmitters or communication channels. In a receiver, the band-pass filter selects the range of frequencies to be received, preventing signals at unwanted frequencies from getting through. Anteral’s Band-Pass Filters are suitable for radio-communication, astronomy, material research, imaging or meteorological applications among others.

In the following image, a communication channel at 200 GHz with Anteral products is illustrated.

Anteral offers custom solutions in the frequency range from 75 GHz to 500 GHz with narrow and wide fractional bandwidth up to 15% and 120%, respectively.

Further information available in the datasheets.

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