Anteral offers the design, manufacture and test of all kinds of waveguides and horn antennas. These include corrugated and splined feed horns, standard gain horns, reflector antennas, and customized assemblies with components like waveguide transitions, filters, polarizers, OMTs and OMJs. We focus on offering high performance solutions based on custom requirements, working together with our customers in all the design, fabrication and test phases, to ensure that the resulting product fully meets their expectations.

At Anteral we are also experts at developing products and measurment systems in the terahertz frequency range, including field polarizers for milimeter and THz waves. Our THz measurment systems (custom-designed to meet each client's needs) are made to be able to image and characterize materials in real time.

Anteral SGH Antennas

High performance horn antenna for most demanding applications.

Anteral Polarizers

Terahertz technologies and services.

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