ANTERAL is granted with a MANUNET project.
NEMACTEC (New Manufacturing Techniques for Space Telecommunications) the new R&D project of Anteral has already started.

The aim of this project is to explore and develop cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to be able to go beyond the current limitations with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques applied to space and telecommunications. Regarding the technical approach, the project will focus on a new additive manufacturing processes and post metallization for telecommunications applications. The goal is to manufacture mmW and THz components with similar electrical properties to those manufactured in metal. The advantages of the additive manufacturing are: reduction of costs, time of manufacture and weight of the components.

To achieve this goal, a strong consortium has been created between Anteral and PGS Plastik.
Fundacion prodintec and Wehl&Partner will take place in the project as subcontractors.
This project has been financed with Gobierno De Navarra founds based on the 2016 MANUNET announcement.

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