Anteral is recognized as Innovative SME

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On 8th January 2018, the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO) has recognized Anteral as Innovative SME according to "Real Decreto 475/2014, de 13 de junio, sobre bonificaciones en la cotización la Seguridad Social del personal investigador".

This seal is a recognition of the research and innovative work that Anteral has been developing since its foundation in 2010. Since then, Anteral has participated in more than 10 regional, national and international R&D projects in both the role of partner and the coordinator. Some of these projects are: TeraScreen (FP7), M3Tera (H2020), EIFFEL (Eurotransbio) o RAFF (Gob. de Navarra).

From Anteral we will continue betting to continue with this line since we believe that it is the only way for small and large companies to continue growing and reaching the technological challenges of the future.

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