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Anteral travels to Brussels for the first Review Metting of the R&D M3Tera Project

Anteral will attend this week the first review meeting of the H2020 project M3Tera with its projects partners (CSEM, KTH, Technikon, Ericsson, Chalmers and Infineon). The review mettting will take place at the European Commission headquarters (Brussels) on 28th January 2016.
Anteral Team has done a great job during these months and we feel confident that the the European Commission reviewers like it! 

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Anteral is visiting this week the Space Tech Expo

Anteral is visiting this week the Space Tech Expo in Bremen (Germany).

Space Tech Expo & Conference Europe brings together leading engineers, executive management and global decision makers from commercial companies, as well as government and military institutions, involved in space industry activities.

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TeraHUM an R&D project in collaboration with CENER

The TeraHUM project started on May 2015. This project is financed by the Navarra´s Goverment and FEDER. 


The mission:

TeraHUM "Terahertz water content detection in biomass"  is focused on the viability study of detecting water in biomass material. The capability of precisely detect water content in biomass material results of great interest to the fuel production industry since it allows to evaluate one of the quality parameters of the biomass prime materials such as the humidity, and also the quality and water content of the resulting products such as pellets and wood chips.  

At present, the actual technology is based on the water evaporation from the materials by means of heaters. The main disadvantage is that they are destructive and long testing time methods. Moreover, they are also heavily influenced by the grain size distribution. This is the reason why the TeraHUM project has been made for. 



The TeraHUM project: "Terahertz water content detection in biomass (viability study)" has a high novelty grade due to the fact that this project covers for the first time the biomass study at Terahertz (THz) frequencies. Along the project duration, different biomass spieces will be presented as well as kinds of grain size (pellet, wood chip and hay). Moreover, the water content of every of these samples will be minutely analysed. The obtained results from the aforementioned study, if positive, will be of great importance in the development of a prototype in charge of the water content detection in biomass. 



The TeraHUM project is led alone by Anteral. Nevertheless, the National Renewable Energy Centre CENER will participate in the project through its Biofuel Centre of 2nd generation which will be in charge of the sample preparation. 


Anteral participates on the New Industry Days organized by CEIN on the 28th of October 2015

Anteral participates on the New Industry Days organized by CEIN on the 28th of October 2015

The future and the evolution of the industrial model are the protagonists of the "New Industry Days" which will take place at CEIN (Noaín).

Lines work will focus on trends and radical changes affecting the industry, opening opportunities and new solutions. All it aimed at creating a conductive environment to generate new alternatives.

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Anteral is visiting this week the 36th ESA Antenna Workshop

Anteral is visiting this week the 36th ESA Antenna Workshop that will be held in ESA-ESTEC (The Netherlands) between the 6th and 9th of October 2015.

Anteral in collaboration with UPNA will present two papers. First one will be presented on Wednesday 7th October in the Ground Arrays and Feeds I session under the title New Advances in Spillover Reduction for Radiometer Feed Horns by Dr. Jorge Teniente. Second one will be presented on Thursday 8 October in the Heterodyne and direct detectors session under the title Development of Submillimeter Wave Receiver Components by Dr. Iñigo Ederra

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Anteral travels to Stockholm for one of its H2020 project meetings for the M3Tera project

Anteral will attend this week to the meeting of the H2020 project M3Tera that takes place in Stockholm (Sweden) between 30th September and 2nd October 2015.

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Anteral will attend the Innovaction Week at Pamplona

Anteral will attend the Innovaction Week event that will be held in Pamplona on the 23d and 24th of September 2015.




Anteral participates as sponsor and exhibitor in the URSI 2015 Symposium

Anteral will participate as sponsor and exhibitor in the XXX National URSI 2015 symposium that will be held from the 2nd to the 4th of September at the Baluarte Congress Center in Pamplona, Spain. 
This edition of the URSI symposium is organized by the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of Public University of Navarra.
The 1st of September, previously to the symposium, an International Workshop on THz Engineering will be held at the same location, with presence of key international speakers.

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Anteral and UPNA publish scientific paper in special issue of IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation

A scientific paper regarding the design of high performance horn antennas for satellite communication applications, done in collaboration by the Public University of Navarra Antenna Research group and Anteral, was published in the April 2015 special issue on Antennas for Satellite Communications of the IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation journal, one of the most prominent antenna related peer-reviewed journals.

The paper explains the difficulties of designing very large bandwidth horn antennas for satellite communication applications, and gives some guidelines for designing high performance compact horns with large bandwidth and multiband capabilities.


Today, telecommunication satellite horn antennas are required to be wideband mainly because of the additional bandwidth necessary to accommodate more transponders to increase the capacity of the new satellite services. In this aspect, horn antennas play a key role in the development of wider bandwidth services on board satellites because now-a-days, with recent advances in orthomode junctions and transducers, they are usually the bandwidth limiting component of a satellite antenna as often low crosspolar level is the toughest specification parameter. In this paper, the design guidelines for horn antennas that combine horizontal and vertical corrugations are explained, the method to prepare a preliminary profile for optimization is shown, and an example of a satellite feedhorn with severe requirements is presented.

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Anteral participates in the H2020 European project M3TERA for developing THz frequency communication systems

Anteral participated past 12th and 13th of February, 2015, in the kick-off meeting of the M3TERA European project that was held in Villach, Austria. The M3TERA project, funded under the H2020 ICT call, has the objective of developing a micromachined Terahertz platform that will form the basis of future large-scale commercial THz communications systems in the frequency range between 100 GHz and 1 THz. Anteral will develop the platform integrated antennas, and will coordinate the integration of near-field THz sensors in the platform.

M3TERA Team at the kick-off meeting at Villach, Austria

M3TERA: Micromachined terahertz systems – a new heterogeneous integration platform enabling the commercialization of the THz frequency spectrum

M3TERA, a European cooperative research project, has officially started on 1st February 2015 with a set duration of 36 months. It receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n° 644039.

This project envisions the wide-spread use of low-cost THz technology in our society, enabled by the proposed micromachined heterogeneous integration platform, which provides an unprecedented way to

  • highly-integrated,
  • volume-manufactuable,
  • reliable,
  • reconfigurable,
  • cost- and energy-efficient submillimeter-wave and terahertz (THz) systems.

The proposed THz integration platform is envisioned to initiate an important transition in industrial microwave-systems manufacturing and is expected to finally enable the large-scale commercialization of the heavily sought-after frequency space between 100 GHz and 1 THz. In line with technology convergence of advancing microwave semiconductor technology according to internal and external roadmaps, the proposed THz microsystem platform is envisioned to accommodate multiple generations of future THz products in different application fields.

The concrete business and lead application case is THz microsystems enabling compact, low-cost point-to-point high-speed communication links in the frequency space between 100 GHz and 500 GHz, to be deployed in a scenario of a high-density small-cell base-station network providing ubiquitous high-speed internet access to mobile communication devices in urban environment.

The key technology end-user driving the primary prototype development and demonstration of a complete THz communication link is Ericsson. A secondary prototype developed in M3TERA is on a multi-function adaptive THz sensor platform for different millimeter-wave sensing applications in society including:

  • food quality control,
  • food safety monitoring,
  • medical diagnosis, and
  • industrial sensing.

The key manufacturing partner in this industry-driven proposal is the high-volume semiconductor and Microsystems manufacturer IFAT, who also provides system packaging concepts. Project management of this 3-years project with 7 participants in different 4 EU countries is done by a professional company with an exceptional career track in EU project management.

This means the M3TERA consortium is well-positioned to achieve its objectives with the following partners:

·        Technikon Forschungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Austria

·        Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan, Sweden

·        Infineon Technologies Austria AG, Austria

·        Ericsson AB, Sweden

·        Anteral S.L., Spain

·        Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskola AB, Sweden

·   CSEM Centre Suisse D’Electronique et de microtechnique SA – recherche et developpment, Switzerland


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Project Coordinator (Technikon):

Anteral Project Coordinator (Itziar Maestrojuán):

Project Website: (coming soon)


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