RAFF: Radar for Flight

September, 2016 to March, 2018
Ayudas a proyectos de I+D Gobierno de Navarra

The RAFF: Radar for Flight project is focused on the development of an altimetry radar at millimetre wave frequencies and its subsequent integration in a remote piloted aircraft (RPA), as well as in the validation of its correct operation in real flight conditions.

Moreover, the RAFF project is also centred in the use of the knowledge and technology employed in the aforementioned altimetry radar built up, and apply them to the development of an array radar prototype, tested at laboratory level and whose future applications could be the use as frontal obstacles "Sense and Avoid" system on flight or imaging camera.

The consortium of this project is formed by Anteral, Public University of Navarra and Fuvex.

This company has received 50% funding by the European Fund of Regional Development through the FEDER 2014-2020 operational program in Navarra.

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